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524Jobs is a Care Recruitment Agency and Training company, providing Training and Care Staffing to our clients in Care Home, Domiciliary Care, Live in Care and Supported Living settings. Our Staff are provided with continuous training to enhance and develop their skills and attitudes towards the healthcare field, because their abilities to give the best care to our Service Users is our priority.

We are Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and as that we adhere to the policies set by the Care Quality Commission.

With an emphasis on quality, driven by investment in our personnel and support structures.

  • Ana Maria Gherasim
    I had a very good experience, the training is of very good standard.
    Ana Maria Gherasim
  •  Sheiris Vaval
    524jobs is an amazing professional body providing job opportunities in care residential homes to everyone that has got an interest in this. They are open to all and ready to give the necessary advice and guidance.
    Sheiris Vaval
  • - Brian Charles
    An amazing network of people, very professional, highly motivated an driven with great training opportunities.
    - Brian Charles

Why do People Love Working with Us?

Our main aim is to deliver valued services to our customers, concentrating on providing high quality abilities and attitudes towards healthcare. We also aim to exceed our customer's expectations, leaving a lasting impression on those we help, allowing them to remember that we assisted with making things easier for them during the difficult times they've faced and we will also continue to be there to help whenever we are needed, creating familiarity and trust.

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