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  • 5JL Care Support Service 
    5JL Care Support Service is a trading name under 524 JOBS LIMITED, provides quality Home Care, Community Outreach and Supported Living services to people living across London and Southeast England. We are Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and as that we adhere to the policies set by the Care Quality Commission.
    Our expert care supports our service users to continue to live independently in the familiar surroundings of their own homes through the following Ways:

    Educational and Learning Support

    We support our service users in the following areas:

    • Help with homework
    • reading, writing, math, IT skills, Arts and Craft
    • Improving communication skills
    • Advice on educational and training opportunities

    Community Integration

    We support and supervise our service users to participate in various sport and social activities within the community.

    This support will:

    increase and maintain physical well-being, enable them to expel energy, decrease isolation, increase his independence and enable him to meet with his own age group. Some of the activities we accompany our service users to include:

    • Gym, swimming, basketball, football, table tennis, cycling, dancing –available at leisure and youth centres
    • Cinema
    • Drop in advice centres (education, employment, advocacy etc.)
    • Library
    • Museums
    • Sight-seeing


    Person centred support

    • Providing care and support that is focused on the individual, and their needs.
    • Choice and Control – young people are allowed and supported to make choices.
    • Learning – an approach that helps young people to try new things and learn new skills
    • A care approach that values, and fosters good relationships
    • Communication – speaking to people respectively and listening to what they have to say


    Promoting healthy lifestyle

    We promote healthy lifestyle by supporting our service users to understand the importance of healthy living. Our staff:

    • Encourage participation in sport and recreational activities
    • Support with following a healthy diet.

    Independence Skills

    We support our service users to increase their independence in regards to:

    • Road safety and transport
    • Living skills
    • Shopping and cooking
    • Tidying up and cleaning
    • Laundry
    • Budgeting

    Social Skills

    We offer support with developing social skills by:

    • Support with accessing social events and thus meeting new people
    • Support with how to interact with others, i.e. social etiquette when communicating with others, sharing and cooperation
    • Awareness of social boundaries and appropriate behaviour in the community

    Behavioural Management

    We are helping our service users and their families to manage behavioural difficulties by preparing and using individual behavioural management plans. Some of the behaviours we are dealing with are:

    • Aggressive Behaviour
    • Hyperactivity & Impulsivity
    • Anger
    • Depression
    • Anxiety


    Community Resources

    We support our service users to access a variety of free of charge activities, available at leisure centers, libraries, youth centers and advice centres around the area.


     5JL Community Outreach Support  


    At 5JL COS, the Children and young people benefit from the one-to-one outreach support we provide in their communities.

    The children and young people we support have a range of learning difficulties and issues relating to autism, mental health and challenging behaviour.

    We offer them individual support through:

    · Helping them be a part of their communities

    · Encouraging healthy lifestyle through good diet and exercise.

    · Promoting independence and social skills

    · Guiding them to improve positive behaviour 

    · Education and learning support

    5JL Outreach support is available on week days and weekends between 7am and 11pm with the exception of Bank Holidays and the 27th – 31st of December included.

    5JL Outreach Support is a service that people can use at a time when they do not need accessible transport.  You are required to pay your own transport costs or use your Freedom Pass, Taxi Card or Mobility Allowance if you have them.  5JL will provide an Oyster Card for its Outreach Workers but any extra travel costs must be paid by the service purchaser.

    We are committed to providing individual support and care packages that embrace opportunities to:

    • Improve health and well being
    • Maximise quality of life
    • Enable positive contribution
    • Allow choice and control
    • Engage in freedom from discrimination or harassment
    • Develop life skills
    • Facilitate personal dignity
    • Promote Independence

    Every Child Matters

    We work within the framework of every child matters when supporting service users:

    1. Being Healthy
    2. Staying Safe
    3. Enjoy and Achieve
    4. Making a positive contribution
    5. Achieving economic well-being


    5JL Supported Living

    5JL is a Supported Living service providing accommodation and high quality of care for people between the age18 to 65 years old with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental health, Challenging Behaviour and Respite support for Services User and Family.
    We currently have accommodations located in Dagenham and Barking areas, all our properties have been adapted to suit our various service users and compliance with the Health & Safety regulations.
    Describe the accommodation:
    136 Wood Lane: This accommodation has it's own parking with capacity for 3 residents.  On ground floor there is shower and toilet, one room, leaving room, Kitchen and office. There is also a garden area. There is a good transport facilities ; bus 5, bus 62, local shops, post office GPs, Dentist and Barking & Dargenham college, Redbridge college, Job Centre Plus and Local Housing Office. 
    5JL Supported Service aims to play an essential role in meeting the accommodation and support needs of our service users who have not lived independently or succeeded in living independently. Our Service Users will be supported to consider their housing options and develop the skills necessary to live as independently as possible. 
     Who is our service for 

    Category A: People aged 18+ with challenging behaviour, learning difficulties and autism. 

    Category B: People aged 18+ with mild and enduring mental health issues who are assessed as being able to live in a more independent setting.

    Category C: People with mild or enduring mental health issues whose vulnerability due to lack of independent living skills and mental health issues would mean they are unlikely to be able to live independently without a period of assessment and support. 

    Equal Opportunity 

    At 5JL it is our policies and practices that all people are equally valued regardless of their gender, disabilities, race, ethnic origin, language, religion or sexual orientation.

    Equality of opportunity is promoted by ensuring that our services are equally accessible and relevant to the needs and issues, promoting social inclusion for Service Users in the wider community.

     Community Placement

    We would like to extend our services to clients through you and are seeking information on how we can work together to provide healthcare services to people assessed to be in need of services.
    We are Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and as that we adhere to the policies set by the Care Quality Commission.