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  • 524jobs Healthcare 

    At 524jobs Healthcare, our main emphasis is on promoting independence, empowerment and enhancing quality of life through staff support in a safe and welcoming environment. We provide support in ways which have positive outcomes for our clients, we encourage active community participation whilst promoting independent living.


    At 524jobs Healthcare, we take a person-centred approach to live-in support and care. We see each one of our customers as who they are – individuals, real people with families, likes, dislikes, existing routines and lifestyles.

    Our carers take all of these elements into account to provide low level or medical-led support tailored to you or your loved one. We work with our customers, their loved ones, their GPs, hospitals and other organisations to deliver the right amount of live-in help.

    Live-in care for older people from 524jobs Healthcare works because the care is completely tailored to your way of life. There is no upheaval; everything is on your terms in your home.

    It can be a very difficult and emotive decision to acknowledge that the time has come for permanent support to enable your independence and quality of life. Live-in elderly care from 524jobs Healthcare works on your terms in your home, from professional carers who are dedicated to solely supporting you with dignity and respect.

    Domiciliary Care

    In a similar way to our Live-In Care, Domiciliary care allows you or your loved one to benefit from 524jobs Healthcare in the environment where you are most comfortable; at home. 

    Domiciliary care is for anyone who wants to stay at home while receiving the treatment they need and can be beneficial to people of all ages. This treatment can include recuperation, convalescence, and rehabilitation, amongst other areas.

    You will receive your own bespoke care package tailored to your unique needs, and you will have your own carer. They will help you achieve yours or your loved one’s personal needs and wishes, while supporting you through your plan.

    Each plan is flexible and unique, and all existing routines are taken into account – whether there’s a certain nightly routine that you have, medication schedule that you follow, or a hobby that is important to you. If, for whatever reason, yours or your loved one’s needs change, the carer will still be there to help, and will be as flexible as possible when delivering your care. At 524jobs Healthcare, we put your needs above everything else.

    Supported Living

    At our supported living we aim to provide for each client a holistic package of care that contributes to his or her overall personal social care needs and preferences.  We work closely with external services/professionals to help maximise each client’s potential. We encourage and motivate our client’s to participate in activities and sessions arranged both in-house and in the community. 

    Our staff are experienced and will continue to receive training in line with Health and Social Care and the Care Act. We offer structured programmes of support in self-development, empowerment and independence.

    We liaise with the local authority to identify community based therapies and sessions that will be beneficial to our clients. At 524jobs Healthcare we promote a community social care programme whereby all staff actively participate and support our clients. We support our adults to:

    •    Socialise within their new homely environment and also in the community.

    •    Pursue leisure activities within the community.

    •    Work through the Recovery Star Model.

    •    Attain relevant living skills.

    •    Promote social inclusion.

    •    Regain socially acceptable standards of personal hygiene and appearance.

    •    Develop relevant budgeting skills.

    •    Develop on their ability to plan and shop

    •    Cook and plan their own menus based on healthy living  

    •    Pursue vocational skills, one that reflects on the individual’s interests

    •    Be as independent as possible whilst promoting empowerment


    At 524jobs Healthcare, we understand that you may be concerned about the cost of any of our services. That’s why our Customer Service Team can talk you through the potential costs of a our services, and which local authority funding options or continuing health care funding are available to you. We are completely transparent about our costs, and we are committed to helping you find the perfect care package to suit your needs.