Process for Managing the Withdrawal of a Qualification

Process for Managing the Withdrawal of a Qualification


This document outlines how 524jobs Academy should inform NCFE if we no longer wish to offer one of the qualifications (ie regulated by the regulatory authorities1) and how 524jobs Academy  will manage the withdrawal in order to protect the interests of any learners registered for the qualification(s).

The arrangements outlined in this document to protect the interests of learners will also apply should NCFE remove a centre’s approval to offer a qualification (see NCFE Sanctions Policy for details on how a centre may have approval withdrawn).

Please note, whilst NCFE have a regulatory responsibility to protect the interests of learners, the learners are recruited and registered by the 524jobs Academy and not NCFE . Therefore any fees learners may have paid upon enrolment were paid to 524jobs Academy and not to NCFE and as such NCFE are not liable for refunding any fees.

524jobs Academy  responsibility

524jobs Academy suggest that our staff involved in the management of NCFE qualifications, and our learners, are made aware of the contents of the NCFE Sanctions Policy.

Withdrawal notice and process

If 524jobs Academy wish to no longer offer one of NCFE’ qualifications, it should normally provide the awarding body with 8 weeks’ notice by submitting a Qualification Withdrawal to them.  The form must contain details of the withdrawal, reasons and any learners that may be affected.

If NCFE decides to sanction 524jobs Academy  and withdraw its approval to offer a qualification we will communicate the decision to the learners involved.

If 524jobs Academy  ceases to operate due to financial circumstances and may have no opportunity to provide the awarding body  with due notice. In such circumstances once we are informed of the situation, we will ensure we pass on the information to the Awarding Body as well as the learners.  we will implement the following arrangements where appropriate.

What we will do next?

Upon receipt of the notification the Centre  Manager will be responsible for taking the request forward and for ensuring we take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of any learners currently registered on the qualification(s).  For example, 524jobs Academy will:

  • Work with the Awarding Body and/or any learners affected by the withdrawal in order to transfer them – where possible and feasible – to another Centre to enable them to carry on with the qualification(s) they are registered on.
  • If no alternative Centre are available/suitable for any learners affected by the withdrawal, and/or the learners do not wish to carry on with the qualification(s), we will ensure we request for an External Moderation visit to ensure the learners are certificated for any units they have completed to date in accordance with the requirements of the associated qualification specification(s).
  • Update 524jobs Academy  records, upon activation of the withdrawal, to reflect the fact the we no longer approved to offer the qualification(s)

At all times the Centre Manager will seek to ensure that all parties affected by the withdrawal are kept appropriately informed throughout.

What if learners are unhappy with the situation?

If any learners are unhappy with the situation or with how 524jobs Academy may have dealt with the withdrawal they should make contact with NCFE.

If you are still unhappy you can take the matter through our complaints procedure which is outlined in our Complaints Policy.