Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

It may seem easy to withdraw from a programme of study, but it’s a decision that should not be taken lightly. Apart from the decision itself, it is important to consider the implications of withdrawal and your opportunities for transferring to another   programme, perhaps at a later date.

Before you withdraw from your course, you are strongly advised to talk to your tutor/Assessor. They may not be overjoyed about the fact that you are leaving the Centre, but they will give you good advice about your future options and about the loose ends that you have to tie up before you leave. You may find that your problems can be resolved without you having to leave the Centre.

Once you have decided to leave, you must inform the Centre of your decision in writing. Along with your Centre card, this letter of withdrawal should be sent or handed in to Centre office. The office staff will complete and date the necessary forms, note your forwarding address and ensure that you are aware of any outstanding debts or repayments that are due. The date of your withdrawal from the Centre will be recorded as the date the staff in the office.


Learners on non-semester programmes

Programmes less than 15 weeks in length:

A Learner who withdraws within the first three weeks will be given a 50% refund. No refund is payable after three weeks.

Programmes greater than 15 weeks in length: Learners will be charged for the period of study undertaken (for which they were enrolled).