The Company

524Jobs is a company that provides a range of services, including Care Staffing, Domiciliary Care, Live in Care and Accredited Training Solutions to customers across London and the Southeast of England. We have an emphasis on quality, driven by investment in our personnel and support structures. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our work - our staff are competent, reliable and responsible, trained to the highest ability to be able to look after our customers, helping them through the difficult times they face in their lives, and providing a sense of comfort and familiarity. We want to be able to help make life easier for those who are going through difficulties, and we want our customers to know that we will always be there for them, and they can rely on us to provide them with the best quality care.


years of experience

524Jobs also provides Recruitment Consultancy for Ex-Military personnel from the Army, Navy and RAF. Helping thousands of candidates across a broad array of roles into employment, we pride ourselves on the fact that all services and products are underpinned by professional standards and quality measures that are regularly monitored and reviewed. The way we deliver our own services has a direct influence and impact on our customers, Service Users and other Stakeholders. We want a world where excellent customer service is demanded, delivered and seen to make a positive impact on organisational performance.

Our main aim is to deliver valued services to our customers, concentrating on providing high quality abilities and attitudes towards healthcare. We also aim to exceed our customer's expectations, leaving a lasting impression on those we help, allowing them to remember that we assisted with making things easier for them during the difficult times they've faced and we will also continue to be there to help whenever we are needed, creating familiarity and trust.

Our main emphasis is on promoting independence and empowerment, and enhancing quality of life through staff support in a safe and welcoming environment.

We are determined to be the leading recruitment provider in our local market, to provide unrivalled, fair and unbiased career advice that is of benefit to people looking to improve their lives, and to continually develop our working practices and procedures to ensure all services are up-to-date and of benefit.

Our principal objective is to support and value all of our clients by implementing personalised care plans. This is aimed at enabling our clients to stay safe in their environment. We will empower and enable our client to regain their independence and confidence to make informed choices and also introduce new activities to experience, while also developing a strong trusting bond, a sense of familiarity and assurance of the importance of our customer's care. We will work very closely with our clients, their families and their community support team to promote recovery.


  • To be an outstanding global service company and create a healthy and prosperous ecosystem of happy customers, service users, employees and partners.
  • To offer excellent opportunities, which will help to develop new lifestyle choices as part of the professionalised rehabilitation process, which includes cycling sessions, dog walking, art therapy, drama therapy, walking sessions and many more. Our staff will continue to monitor, review and report clients progress.


  • Conduct our business with uncompromising ethics.
  • Demonstrate integrity and transparency in our actions.
  • Supporting diversity in our workforce.
  • Emphasise excellence in our work products.
  • Be responsible corporate citizens.

Our Principles

Whilst we provide a high level of care and security, we still maintain full recognition of the individual’s right to be in control of their own life.
To acknowledge the right to individual’s privacy, offering dignity and respect, assisting them to maintain independence.
Maintain ongoing awareness of the changing needs of residents, staff and management, ensuring training and support are in place to assist all in this process.
Involve everyone, wherever possible and appropriate, to ensure we are all working towards the same aim; consistent, high quality and person centred care.
Continue to maintain good relationships with the community and other professionals.
Not to become complacent, to continue to be innovative, striving for consistency, quality and professionalism.

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